Sean Cousins

producer/production manager/script editor


Sean has more than 25 years experience in the biz, making and producing television and documentaries. Some notable examples include Series Producer on Tony Robinson Time Walks, and Senior Post Producer on Tony Robinson Explores Australia. Recently he was Director and writer of observational documentary ‘Indian Wedding Race’, which aired on SBS.

Sean is currently a film lecturer at Melbourne SAE, as well as head honcho at Filmmaker abroad. Of this, he says:

My ambition for Filmmaker Abroad is to share the skills, and tricks of the trade, I’ve acquired making observational films over a 15 year period with others who have a passion for this form of storytelling – not in a classroom but in the field – in fact, in some of the world’s most exotic and challenging locations.

What I wanted when I made my first film was a mentor – a sounding board in the field – helping me interpret the rushes and define the characters.  Filmmaker Abroad offers that, as well as all the logistics and infrastructure required to make a complete film.  For the enthusiastic amateur, or even the recently graduated film student, it is access to these things that often stops them from getting out there and making their film.  I hope Filmmaker Abroad offers them everything they need to stop dreaming and start doing.

I can certainly attest that he has been invaluable in getting this short film made, and encourage anyone who may want to make a doco or short narrative “in the field” to get in touch.