Rocco studied photography at RMIT and Film and Television at VCA specializing in Cinematography. He has been working as a photographer since 1985 and as a Director of Photography (Cinematographer) since 1991 in Australia, New Zealand, Asia and Europe. Rocco has experience in shooting drama, documentary, music clips, commercials and corporate work on all formats, of film, video and digital.

He has been doing mainly observational documentary work in the past few years as well as projects for SBS and ABC including shooting a four part documentary series “Hitmaker” for the ABC’s Reality Bites series, achieving the highest ratings ever for that program.  He has shot for National Geographic/BBC in Australia and Africa.

Rocco worked as a camera operator on a feature film in Timor Leste in November 2011, which finished in June 2012. After shooting “The Morning After” in September this year 2016,  Rocco is back in Dili again, filming a new 20 part TV drama series on Love & Justice.

Rocco also works as a professional photographer and is represented by Lonely Planet Images and Getty Images. Rocco also has extensive teaching experience including Supervising Instructor in Cinematography Victorian College of the Arts Film and Television Department, 1997-1999. Guest Instructor in Cinematography and Photography,  Ballarat University, 2005-2009.  Cinematography Workshops in Timor Leste at Dili Film Works 2010 & 2011 and Guest Instructor in Cinematography, Film and Lighting at SAE College South Melbourne 2010 – 2012.

Suffice to say Rocco is a VERY experienced DOP – and a very funny guy to have on set, as well!