Leanne Mangan


Leanne began performing (& taking acting lessons) at age 15, and has since then performed in many musicals, plays, short films, and been an extra on TV and in some feature films.

Despite writing many a short story over the years, she only began to write for performance in 2013, after discovering there were no good roles being offered for women over 40. Leanne wrote, performed in and produced the musical “In Between Days” at King St Theatre, Newtown as part of the Sydney Fringe Festival, 2013.  In 2015 she wrote another, “Sci-fi Love Story”, and her renewed love for writing led to applying for a course at AFTRS.

This year Leanne completed the Advanced Diploma in Screenwriting for Series TV, and in a writing exercise early on, came up with a scene that would turn into this short film. With the assistance of Sean Cousins from Filmmaker Abroad, she assembled a crew, and under his mentorship shot the film in 2 weeks in Siem Reap in September.

Leanne is currently finishing writing a web series…and getting this film through post so it can be entered into festivals early in 2017.